“I am a very active person but when I came to Megan it was because I was active but gaining weight like crazy. I told her my struggles and we talked nutrition. Turns out after having a food sensitivity profile my body HATES yeast and gluten! I did a 90 day gut fix and finally have been dropping weight like crazy. I feel like a new person and I have control over my nutrition. My stomach has not been this flat in years! I am building muscle and becoming more athletic. Outfits that haven’t fit in a couple years are now perfect or a little big. Megan never once made me feel like I had to do anything or pressured me into unnecessary purchases. She is a wonderful coach and motivator. If you slip up with a favorite junk food she helps modify the slip up to a more healthy alternative. I recommend her for anyone who needs nutrition help, lost motivation or someone who will relate to your struggles she is the best one there is to help you!”

~Melissa D.

“In the past, Megan had helped me lose weight and feel great, but when I developed severe diarrhea over the summer, it didn’t immediately occur to me that she could help with that too. When the symptoms persisted for nearly two months, I saw my doctor, who ordered blood tests and a stool sample (no fun!). But after spending an entire day seeing a doctor, getting lab work, dropping off samples, etc.–and spending over $100 on copays and lab fees–I was no closer to finding any relief. All my doctor could tell me was that the lab tests had ruled out giardiasis. Then, after suffering for a few more weeks, I finally made an appointment with Megan. She asked me a few questions in advance of our meeting, suspected that I had a candida overgrowth, and suggested a special anti-candida diet. During our meeting, she gave me specific ideas and recipes to help me adjust more easily to the new eating plan, and she answered all my questions without judging me or talking down to me. Once I made the changes she’d recommended, I felt better immediately! No more diarrhea! And, of course, that translated into more energy, better sleep, and renewed motivation for my workout routine! I’m so grateful for Megan’s expertise, her kind, helpful approach to her clients’ needs, and her passion and enthusiasm for helping people. I really wish I had just gone to her in the first place. Next time I’ll know better!”

~Lindy O.

“I have worked with Megan on a diet plan while training for 3 half Ironman and one full Ironman events over the past two and a half years. Megan has been outstanding in her approach to my diet plan and I was successful in not only completing all of me events without a single injury but my recoveries were very quick as well!! I attribute my success in achieving my goals to Megan’s expertise and support throughout my training program.”

~Joseph P.

“I’m 53 years old and have worked out regularly since my college days. My work outs are strenuous; hour long strength workouts followed by hour long cardio sessions. I thought my diet was a pretty good diet; no fast foods and minimal processed foods. Despite all of this, I couldn’t rid myself of the extra pounds I carried. I learned about a food sensitivity program from my personal trainer and his results convinced me to give it a try. I met with Megan Salazar to discuss my results. Megan has been an excellent resource. We talked goals, then she kept encouraging me to change things in order to meet those goals. She provides endless healthy options based on my personal sensitivities. She is willing to work with me on moderation approaches where I lack discipline to eliminate certain foods. Quite honestly, I’m shocked and very satisfied with my results. My weight is down more than 15%, my blood lab work has shown dramatic improvement across the board, and my mindset has been extremely positive. It hasn’t been easy, and I know maintaining will be even more difficult. I believe with Megan’s continued support, I will be successful at maintaining my new lifestyle choices.”

~Kurt B.

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