The revolving door

Cycle of Dieting

My mission is to help women get out of the revolving door of dieting through habit based behavioral coaching.

So what is the revolving door? This – the cycle of dieting.

This is where you enter into a diet (which ultimately is calorie restriction of some type), you lose weight, but then unbeknownst to you, your body starts to fight the process of what you just did and you end up gaining weight, often times as much as what you lost and sometimes more than you lost. You feel frustrated, defeated, a failure, so you try something else. Except you’re just going into the same revolving door, but this time with a slower metabolism to start, despite the weight loss/gain, if not because of it (see kcal examples on the inside of the circle).

This is 95%+ of people that attempt a diet.

No, you say, I am doing a lifestyle change. Those often masquerade as a diet, sorry.

So what now, Megan? We just give up?

No, I propose that there is a better way, a way that is formed by improving upon  who you are, not demeaning it by not allowing foods. It is about habit change and allowing for foods to remain, but in a way that is sustainable. Sustainable for your health, energy, weight, and emotions.

These changes are very individual and exactly why you need someone to walk you through the process that works best for you.

Published by Megan Salazar, RDN CSSD

Megan Salazar is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 8 years experience with coaching individuals towards more healthful lives. She loves sharing the potential greatness that individuals can achieve through food, movement and lifestyle. When she's not working with individuals or learning more, she is at home with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. She loves cooking, baking, and exercising.

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